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Journaling Module

The News on my own site and at are driven by this Journaling module. It's a simple way to keep a journal or a log on your site. You can have more than one setup on your site, as well (perhaps specific to more than one project).

Download at Github (14.01.2018)


You need to be updated to v2.1.5 before you can use this feature.

1. Unzip. Folders indicate where you should place files/folders on your site. Backup your site first!
2. When you login to your studio you should see "Collections" next to Indexhibit at the top - this means the Collections module is setup and ready to go.
3. Create (if necessary) a section (Admin > Sections) where you will publish the Journal on your site.
4. Go to Collections and Create a New Collection (choose the above section).
5. Go back to Sections and edit your section - changing the Section Object to "collect_journal" (it's followed by an ID number which corresponds to your collection.
6. Go to Exhibits and edit the Section Top page:
-- choose "Journal" for the Exhibit Format
-- Publish (you do not need to enter text on this page)
7. Go to Collections, choose your Collection, create and publish an entry.
8. You should now have published a Journal index and your first entry.

I hope I didn't miss anything - let me know if I did.

built by me ;)