Jeffery Vaska

Graphic Designer
Software Engineer
Creative Technologist

Polymath, minimal'ish, entrepreneur, bootstrapper, cultural-minded, introverted, straight-forward, honest, curious, generalist.

I'm originally a print designer. I started working in a print shop when I was a kid and learned the craft of typographic layout with paste boards, wax and warm typesetting film. I started making websites by the mid-90's and it was sure fun when nobody knew what they were doing. ;)

In 2006 I created Indexhibit - a first of its kind archetypal, minimal, open source portfolio CMS which became influential. Several hundred thousand artist/designer sites have been created since its inception.

Ex-Seattle. Ex-Brussels. Ex-Nouakchott.
I'm currently living in Haiti.

I'm seeking opportunities with non-profits/NGO, arts/cultural institutions, small business in whatever capacity I can be useful.

Contact me for information/examples of my work. Thanks.

Email: studio [at] vaska [dot] com
Twitter: Vaska

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