Jeffery Vaska

studio [at] vaska [dot] com

I'm rebuilding my site although I am technically on vacation during the lockdown. This will take some time - I have no idea what it will be in the end.

While I have tried over the years, I'm not really keen on writing much. Or, saying much about myself personally. I'm not that interesting, to be honest. My opinions, especially about design and programming, are probably best kept to myself, anyways. The web is awfully boring these days though, right? Perhaps those exciting days of friends and colleagues coming up with a new idea or technique are forever gone - replaced by 'social' walled gardens and influencers, at the moment.

In some ways, I felt that this lockdown was natures way of telling us that we need to be better to the planet and to each other. What we are witnessing now, the true quality of our governments, is the doom and gloom come to life we've all dreaded for long now. Well, I hope it's not like that for you, but I'm trying to be optimistic.