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Updated below...

Internet projects come and go - especially open source projects. They have their worth and influence and then people move to something else newer and better. Lately, I am wondering if Indexhibit is finished - it had its time.

I have been updating it for years, but there is zero community. I see new people using it every day - I see the traffic - I get email (but it's rare that it's paid work for me) - and nobody donates or even sends me a thank you note. In the past eight months since I asked for people to donate, I've had eight donations (and half of those were under fifteen euros). How do people think these projects exist without support of any kind?

I announced that I was working on version 3. I mentioned that I had rewritten the entire frontend (it's so much better) and even added some new things, but I have not had a single email or communication from anybody about these things. Unfortunately, I still get too many weird late night Friday and Saturday

I'm not sure what to do anymore - it's just me, I guess. Years ago I honestly thought that if I did this project and people used it the future would be ok. People ask me for free help, for free themes, all the time - and honestly it drives me bonkers because I feel there is some value to the work that I do. It's really hard to admit that perhaps all of this is now worthless. I certainly feel useless and worthless taking care of Indexhibit. I'm embarrassed to talk about it publicly. I make zero money from Indexhibit - it's not a business and there is nobody else except myself working on it.

When you do a project like this every thing you do is wrong. Nobody is ever happy. Too many people can find that one thing that keeps them from supporting you. Yet, they have been using it for **years**. I can't tell you how hard that is - how hard it has been doing this project.

I have asked for help repeatedly over the years and nothing ever happens. One person isn't a community. Sometimes I think I should try very hard one more time, but I always overwhelmingly feel that it's too late. At one time, Indexhibit was good, but that's about all it will ever be. It's flattering that people want to compare this tiny project to billion dollar companies and projects, but without some real support, it's simply not good for me.

Update: Here is a donations link. This money supports me doing Indexhibit and also paying its bills, as well.