Jeffery Vaska
studio [at] vaska [dot] com

Indexhibit Services

Note: If you wish to hire me for a project please contact me before you make a donation - the two are not the same thing.

Of course, I am happy to help you with your website for those times when you are unable to handle things on your own. Hiring me for things does help support my work for Indexhibit. Of course, nobody knows more about Indexhibit than me.

My hourly rate is 50 euros/hour (one hour min).

- new installation (no customization) is just one hour
- site upgrade is usually just an hour but if you have alot of content it might be a little more

Customizations & New Design

I'm very fast - I have more than a decade worth of bits and pieces I can often pull into the work. Obviously, I need a design or plan to follow before I can quote this kind of work but usually it's less than a full day of work for me.

I want you to have your own design. I understand that people are often inspired by things they see around the web, but I would like you to put some time into making it your own design. Please, don't show me a site and ask me how much it costs. I'm happy to show you things I've made on request.

I LOVE making Indexhibit sites that have new layouts and maybe unusual interfaces. Try me - let's make the internet weird again!

Community Support Project

If you would like to see something improved ASAP on Indexhibit or at, you can hire me to work on that. We will negotiate a fair amount for you to pay for community work - obviously, I wouldn't expect somebody to pay me for the full work (unless you want that). These projects can immediately support the project and community.

Working with Me

These are small projects and therefore don't require a formal process (imho).

I will nearly always require the login to your webhost, an FTP login and payment (via Paypal) in advance (unless it's a large project).

Once the project starts, they end very quickly - I normally work from beginning to end in the same time frame. I expect people to be prompt with email (if it's possible) to speed things along.

Email or a chat service is adequate for communicating about projects.

I want people to be happy with their website. You should use whatever machine you feel good with to make your website.

Thanks for reading that. ;)