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Services for Indexhibitors

Years ago I used to get alot of requests to work on peoples websites. Indexhibit was more popular and unique at that time. I was always happy that people would ask me to work on things but there were common trends that I saw develop and grow in the span of a couple years.

When your car breaks down what do you do? You take it to the mechanic, they call you with the diagnosis and a quote and you have the work done. Hopefully, you have found a mechanic you can trust and they will do the job well for a good price. It's not like that with websites.

I often received requests to work on sites and was asked to provide a quote. Once I had taken some time to consider the project and return the quote in an email I would too often never hear back from the person. Not a “thanks” for the quote or even a note telling me it was more than they could afford. I’m not some primadonna - my rates were never that expensive. Obviously, over time, I grew more and more weary about making quotes or even responding to these emails.

I was asked to do things that were too easy like change link colors or put a logo on their site. I actually felt guilty taking money for this kind of thing so I would refer them to the forum for help. Some would oblige, but many were unhappy that I would not provide a service for them. I’m sorry, but I just couldn’t do it - charging $50 for the amount of work doesn’t sit very well with me. However, the reality is that I also need to earn a living (I don’t earn any income from Indexhibit).

I got emails from studios and agencies asking me to provide quotes to build an Indexhibit and after doing so they would tell me they already had somebody for the job. Again, I’m not expensive, and I felt it was the least they could do to hire me to work on an Indexhibit since I built the damn thing. My guess is that they just needed a quote for a proposal and then they had it done in-house or by friends.

The worst though was people who would send me a link to another website and ask me how much it would cost to build. I would always tell them I’m not going to copy that site but if they would provide their own design we could discuss the project. This lead to some strange experiences…

I was asked by an artist to copy a site I had built for somebody else. I told them that was the clients' design and that they needed to contact them for design work or provide me with a design in Illustrator or whatever. They were really unhappy with my response and asked me to find somebody to do the work for them. That was an odd position for me.

A couple months later somebody is in our forum asking how to build my clients site. I told them it was custom and that the parts were not publicly available. The person proceeded and eventually I figured out he had been hired by the artist to copy the client website. I was a bit dismayed as I had never seen anything like that and I managed to track down his employer. They told me they didn’t know and it would never happen again. I got an apology email later from the developer but it was not sincere at all.

I don’t want to copy things on the net - for me or for you. The least somebody could do is try to come up with something unique (or I'm happy to design something, too). Of course, now the net is filled with the same mobile first patterns and the rest has been history.

I always enjoyed opportunities to make custom websites - I have a collection of experiments from the years and I'm hoping to release some of these things but it takes time to get them ready. Even the tiniest change can make a huge difference.

Anyways, because I can use the work, I’m offering to work on sites again for Indexhibit users. If you understand what I’ve said above then we will probably work together just fine. My rate is $50/hour with a minimum of one hour (money will be paid in advance of any work). We can discuss details as necessary per project.

studio [at] vaska [dot] com

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