Jeffery Vaska

studio [at] vaska [dot] com

Over the years I've made many things for Indexhibit that were never released for a variety of reasons. Things like:

- it's not very Indexhibit
- it's too complicated
- this is too particular to one client
- nobody would ever use this
- this is really stupid (haha)

For instance, in late 2007 I was already working on a shopping cart system that would, supposedly, easily integrate with Indexhibit. This was before Shopify. This was before startup culture took off and turned so many things into API services. Anyways, it was so much work and was getting so complicated, that I simply could not make it happen (plus, I was diagnosed with a rare disease and I did not have the energy required). It was a great idea - it was too complicated for one person.

For years I was asked to build a blogging system into exhibit. I did. It was too complicated and managing comments, most especially comment spam, was not a fun task. I canned the code because I felt that nobody really wanted comments on their professional portfolio (and I was right many years in advance).

However, I did build a simple Journaling system without comments and I'm happy that today I can finally put it out there. It needs more work. It's not core Indexhibit. I still consider this an experimental feature.

What does it do? Think of it as the Over Over format primarily for text. The only unusual feature, aside from the obvious, is that you can change the publishing date (before you press the publish button). You can adjust most things via CSS, but the format uses so little code you can easily crack things open, as well.

Here are the installation/setup instructions and a link for download.

Let me know how you like it.