Jeffery Vaska

Graphic Designer
Software Engineer
Creative Technologist

I created and Co-founded Indexhibit. I am currently living in Haiti. This is an infrequent journal of thoughts, ideas and random musings.
I am available for freelance opportunities. Contact:
studio [at] vaska [dot] com

25 June

This is a really good, fast article about what it's like to start a business.


12 June

I'm told by people that I still exist.


27 May

That's quite a sales pitch when a person knows what they are selling but doesn't feel the need to tell you what it is.


20 May

It is kind of interesting (at least for me) how often I see people imply that others are dishonest because they don't say things on the web. There has to be a master's thesis or two on this topic - please alert me to their location.


12 May

Monster Rally - Palm Village


11 May

It is still "good" design but so many apps these days look the same. Perhaps the forms have evolved or the tools encourage saminess or people are just being lazy?


04 May

Is everybody talking about how bad McDonald's is as a brand and company actually a brilliant public relations exercise? Is it something most of us even care about? When was the last time you went to a McD's? Probably many years ago... Yep.


25 March

The official tourism video for the abstract plane.


24 March


Tonight I attended a small gathering of hoteliers in Port-au-prince who are forming an association and the things that stuck out to me most of all:

1 - competitors can be friends
2 - help each other
3 - allow local brands to develop

One of the best things this sector could do, from a cultural entrepreneur perspective, is to nurture growing local brands. Investing in them if necessary, helping them get the products into these organizations.

You're all in this together - don't forget that. Slowly you will go far.


After three years of my experimental slow blog, I'm archiving things since I'm now living on a new continent.

I'm working on a redesign of this site but I'm not sure when I'll do this nor am I sure how much things will change.